60’s Sunset Roadtrip in VW bus in the basque country

60's Sunset Roadtrip

An original gourmet roadtrip that takes you back to the 60's

2 hours 7 pers max/combi

A Sunset in the 60's in the basque country

An authentic Volkswagen combi, a boho atmosphere, a long hippie dress or a Hawaiian shirt, good old 60s rock playing on the radio, an ode to the sunset... Close your eyes, you're almost feeling there ! Embark aboard Woody or Joe, to experience a journey that takes your back to the hippie years! Ocean or mountain side, we take you to the most beautiful places of the Basque country. From our secret spot, enjoy the extraordinary colors of the sunset, with a delicious tasting of local products ... An epic adventure to live with friends, family or lovers... immortalized by the Txiki Team 📷! Foodies, dreamers, hippies, sunset lovers...this tour is made for you!

What is included ?

Roadtrip in an authentic VW combi, local products tastings (basque Wine, cheese, ham, vegetables and sweets). We also take pictures for you.


2 hours, at the sunset time.


270 € (privatised combi). 7 pers max 2 combis availables.

Meeting point

Mountain side: "La Cité de l'Océan" in Biarritz Ocean Site : Biarritz Lighthouse. 15 minutes before departure!


Mountain lovers? or Ocean addict? Let us know your favorite places so that we can organise the perfect raodtrip for you and your tribute.

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Contact us, we will arrange our planning to suit your needs.


We do offer other excursions in english, find the roadtrip that suits your desire! Do you speak / understand French? Check our website in french for more adventures

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