About Us

The Txiki story

Woody, Joe, Aurélie & Clémence take you to discover the Basque Country

Who are we?

Aurelie, the sporty and cartesian, Clémence the epicurean and creative. Both globetrotters in the soul and heart, we settled in the Basque Country at different time of our life. One night, during a sunset, we talked about our common desire to share and show "our Basque Country" with people. We were far from thinking that few months later, we were going to launch Txiki Combi...

Our mission : show you our Basque Country...

Txiki means "little" in Basque language. It fits quite good with the direction in which we want to take our tour. Far from the tourist sites, in a small group, Txiki combi is an original and intimate experience that combines encounters, delight tastings, nature or city immersions...

...in the roadtrip style !

Through the many trips we have done, roadtrip has been the best way to discover a country. Driving provides a unique feeling of freedom. It allows you to travel at your own pace to discover the best spots of a region... And what better way to jump aboard an authentic Volkswagen Combi, to live a slightly more vintage experience...?

Woody the Combi

Woody is a T2 Volkswagen combi from California, which was imported into France in 2020! Completely restored in France, Woody will take you on the most beautiful roads of the Basque country, in a vintage and hippie atmosphere!

Joe the Combi

Joe is a Volkswagen combi from Germany, which was built in 1976! Perfectly well conserved, with no restoration at all, Joe joined the Txiki team in 2022. With its 1600 engine, it will take you on the most beautiful roads of the Basque Country in a relaxing and vintage atmosphere!

Choose your adventure

Outdoor, Culture, Food, Surf or Architecture... Jump onboard to discover another face of the Basque Country ! Mountains, ocean and village: we take you to see the people, places, culinary delights and traditions that are the jewels of the authentic Basque Country.

Visite littoral pays basque original Combi
Roadtrip de 3 heures

Côte Basque Tour

Embarquez pour un tour sur le littoral basque... à la sauce Txiki!

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Piment espelette - visite gourmande pays basque
Roadtrip de 5 heures

Txiki tour gourmand

Le meilleur de la gastronomie basque pour réveiller vos papilles

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Explore the Basque Country with Txiki Combi